What is Self-Care?

Today’s world is so fast paced that we may find ourselves overcommitting our time which can be very overwhelming.  We live in a society that praises not getting enough sleep because of being busy chasing dreams. This causes people to live with a mindset that they must be busy all the time in order to prove they are working hard at reaching their goals. At this point, we may over commit our time to different projects neglectimg what we need the most, which is time for Self Care.

So ,What is Self-Care?

Self-Care, simply said, is any initial action taken to care for your physical, mental and emotional, or spiritual health.

What are Steps to take that lead to Self-Care?

The number one thing you can do to ensure Self-Care is to make time for it! Even though that seems oversimplified, it is the best way to start incorporating a self-care routine daily. If your schedule is already hectic, try putting aside time every week, then working in an extra day when you can.  Eventually you can work your way to a defined time everyday. This does not have to be a set time period everyday, but can be in the morning on some days, or in the evening on others. It doesn’t matter, as long as you have a space for yourself on your personal calendar.

What actions to fulfill Self-Care?

Physical Health:

1. Exercise – Exercising regular helps to build strength and stamina physically; helps to provide a natural energy and mood boost; and helps to possibly prevent health conditions.

2. Sleep – Adequate rest gives your body a chance to repair itself. This can help boost your enegery and mood in the morning. Getting enough sleep can also play a part in reducing the risk of stress and depression.

3. Proper Nutrition – As with exercise, proper nutrition can reduce the risk for various health conditions and provideas a natural energy and mood boost.  It also helps with weight management and can possibly improve your lifespan.

Mental and Emotional Health:

1. Relaxation – Finding time to relax helps to reduce stress which helps to improve and maintain your mental and emotional health.

2. Find your support group – It’s very important to make sure that you have people around you who love and support you. Make sure that these people are reliable when you may need a shoulder to lean on or even a listening ear.

3. Positive Thinking – Being able to maintain negative thoughts and stop them before they become actions is a step in the right direction to positive thinking. Positive thinking can help to turn an Outlook for a negative situation into an optimistic one. Positive thinking is also vital to your own outlook in life which is a practice of mental and emotional health.

Spiritual Health:

1. Prayer– I am a firm believer in Prayer being a spirit uplifter for the day ahead.  It sets the mood for the rest of the day and can help you have an optimistic outlook for your future. Meditation is a great way to quiet the mind, and focus b on the present moment. It can also bring clarity to different situations.

2. Meditation – Meditation is a great way to quiet the mind, and focus on the present moment. It can also bring clarity to different situations. It also helps to focus on the breath. Breathing techniques help to relax the mind and body and will bring a calming quality to this practice.


Self-Care is a must for every person on this earth and is vital to maintaining our whole being. Don’t forget to take time for yourself,  even if only for a little while.


This Curvi Yogi


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