This Curvi Yogi is DETERMINED! Meet Tracey!

This Curvi Yogi is Determined!

Meet Tracey, a yogi who is determined to fight her chronic illnesses and help others who may think that they can’t do yoga because of their size or ability. Although she has limitations, she refuses to let them stop her yoga journey.

1. What is the affirmation that resonates with you right now in your life? Why did you pick this affirmation?

Be in this present moment. There is nothing else.

I picked this affirmation because of what I deal with having chronic illnesses. I have to respect each moment for the time it is. I can’t dwell on what my old yoga practice was, and I can’t worry about the future of my practice because of my illnesses. It helps me realize that all I need to do is right now. Nothing behind or ahead of me.

2. How did you start your yoga practice?

I started yoga to ease my anxiety back around 2007. I fell out of my practice after having my child in 2009. In 2016, my intuition dragged me back to yoga for a completely different view of the practice. I have a completely new appreciation for it with all the personal growth that I have done.

Tracey in Tree Pose ( Vrksasana)

3. As a Curvy Yogi, what obstacles have you had to overcome in your practice?

I’ve had to overcome my own self-judgement and criticisms.

I have to overcome the perception others may have of me.

I learned that I had to modify. I wasn’t happy about it at first, but I’ve accepted where I’m at and what my body needs. I absolutely love modifications and props now.

My main obstacle has been my lack of mobility due to autoimmune illness and neuropathy. I have to be gentler with my myself and kinder too.

4. What is your favorite yoga pose? Why?

Mountain Pose is my favorite. There is a strength in that pose that makes me feel invincible. Because I feel so vulnerable, daily, I think it’s the best pose for me to practice so that I feel strong and grounded.

Tracey in Mountain Pose (Tadasana)

5. What is your least favorite yoga pose? Why?

My least favorite is crow. My body shape doesn’t allow me to do it at this time. It’s one I want to do and love, but it’s not possible right now.

6. Do you use props in your practice? If so, what is your favorite prop to use? Why?

I love using a strap, bolster, and lifestyle labs lifestyle props. I like using props because they help me get a better stretch or position on asanas that may not be available to me without a prop. Props help me deepen my practice by helping with difficult positions.

7. What advice would you give to other Curvy Yogis who are trying to build their practice?

Build your practice.

Remember you are not anyone else. You are your own special star in the yoga world.

Honor your body, as it is.

Accept the challenges and don’t let them discourage you.

Keep practicing. Show up to the mat. We have to build a community of support, so support other like-minded yogis.

Practice peace and love every day, and the rest will fall into place.

Thank you Tracey for sharing your practice with us!

You can find Tracey on Instagram here.


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