This Curvi Yogi is AUTHENTIC! Meet Malikia!

This Curvi Yogi is AUTHENTIC!

Meet Malikia, a yogi who has allowed her practice to help her stay true to herself!

1. What is the affirmation that resonates with you right now in your life? Why did you pick this affirmation?

I forgive you.

It releases the root causes for the negative self talk and sense of lack. I start with forgiving myself regularly so I can release those unknown burdens. It also reminds me to give extra grace and understanding to others.

2. How did you start your yoga practice?

I came to yoga as most Americans do, a 30 day class special! I wanted to try a new movement practice to help me tone my body. As life started to hit me so hard, the pranayama and mindfulness practices were there to keep me afloat.

Photo Credit: Jonathan McDougald

3. As a Curvy Yogi, what obstacles have you had to overcome in your practice?

I doubted, waited, second guessed, and even refused invitations to teach yoga because I felt I didn’t look the part!

I actually considered waiting to launch Yoga 4 Us until I had reached my goal weight and could execute more challenging postures. As if our self care and healing is dependent upon our pant size and splits! My self limiting mindset was my biggest obstacle. Thank God for mental and emotional growth!

4. What is your favorite yoga pose? Why?

Kumbhakasana – Plank holds.

Planks make me feel so incredibly strong and capable. It challenges me physically, and forces me to refocus on my breath and my self talk.

Malikia in Half Lord of the Fishes Pose (Ardha Matsyendrasana)
Photo Credit: G.L Daye

5. What is your least favorite yoga pose? Why?

All standing balancing poses! The shaking, quivering, stumbling is just so humbling, and my feet and calves hate them.

6. Do you use props in your practice? If so, what is your favorite prop to use? Why?

I love props. my physical practice has grown so much because of them. If I had to choose, my favorite prop would be a good old fashioned wall!

7. What advice would you give to other Curvy Yogis who are trying to build their practice?

Consistency is your best friend in your practice, not progress, weight loss, or zen! The choice to come back and try again is the best gift you can give to your practice.

Thank you Malikia for sharing your practice with us!

You can find Malikia on Instagram here.


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