New Beginnings

Hey Loves!

So I after practicing yoga for almost 2 years and documenting my progress, primarily on Instagram, I have decided to create my own blog! I am both nervous and excited about this new chapter in my life and I hope you will join me along the way!

The main reason I started Yoga back in December 2014 was because I wanted to become more flexible and eventually be able to make beautiful and complex shapes with my body. But little did I know that Yoga entailed so much more than those things! As a result, I’ve learned Patience, Focus, Self-Love, and to accept and love my Body.

I created This Curvi Yogi to be able to help others start their own journey of Self-Discovery and I pray that it leads to a place of peace and clarity. This Curvi Yogi is for those who practice yoga, and those who think they cannot do yoga; for those who love themselves, and those who find it impossible to love themselves; for those who know they are beautiful, and for those who may not think they are beautiful.

This Curvi Yogi is Beautiful.

This Curvi Yogi is Loving.

This Curvi Yogi is Caring.

This Curvi Yogi is Selfless.

This Curvi Yogi is Him.

This Curvi Yogi is Her.

This Curvi Yogi is Me.

This Curvi Yogi is YOU!

Love and Light…


This Curvi Yogi

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